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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this popular pastor just stepped down amid an alleged sex scandal. at 5:00 we're hearing from his mistress. >> the holy spirit convinced me and i wanted to come clean. >> tonight that woman claims church leaders even offered her money to keep the affair under wraps.
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janney stepped down from the orlando baptist church on semoran boulevard. tim barber found out another former church member is paying for this latest lawsuit. >> the two and businessman who is paying for the lawsuit both attended the church here and claimed the pastor betrayed them. >> if you don't admit yourself a sinner you won't be saved. >> this lawsuit claims that pastor janney has his own sins. he had an affair with arlene miranda and they offered her $3,000 to keep quiet. >> they threatened me. >> she said she sign ed it but was never paid. >> the holy spirit convicted me and i wanted to come clean. >> pastor janney father said he would never cheat on his wife. >> janney told his congregation he's stepping down.
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it's been removed. >> if he's innocent why would he step down? >> i don't think i can explain it to you in three hours. >> janney's father points out miranda's lawsuit is being paid for by orlando businessman craig mater. he sued pastor janney's charity in 2012 and accused it of misusing funds. the lawsuit was settled out of court. >> he's doing this because he doesn't like when people are treated badly and unfairly. >> if the former pastor decides to talk we'll share his side of the story. tim barber, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> we put the entire lawsuit and the interview with the woman who filed it on when you get there click on videos. we continue to follow breaking news in seminole county where investigators are working to move a crash from along the westbound lanes of i-4 near west
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one of the two vehicles rolled over. fire rescue officials tell us two people have been injured. we're working to find out their condition. you can see traffic is moving in one direction but there are back ups on the other direction slightly on i-4 all westbound lanes are moving very slowly at this point. of course we will let you know as soon as the scene is cleared and traffic is flowing again. it's been called central florida's biggest shame and now the works. 67 years ago four black men in lake county where are charged with raping a 17-year-old white girl. since that time documents have been released that prove they didn't do it. greg warmoth talked with a writer who won a pulitzer prize for his book devil in the grove. >> reporter: much of this focuses on lake county sheriff lewis mccall. fbi case files said he should have been charged and a local lawmaker wants a
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>> it was a chapter in central florida history that most want to forget. >> this whole case starts like to kill a mockingbird kind of story. you have a young white woman who making allegations. >> since more than 60 years have passed the pulitzer prize winning author had access to every document, interview and piece of evidence. all pointed to a set up with lewis mccall. >> he said he was going to deliver swift justice. he attempted to execute two prisoners. >> one was killed by mccall, the others have since died. >> gerald dean thompson wants the state to exonerate the groveland four. >> they have their children,
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that your kinfolk, your father, uncal was not a -- uncal was not a bad man, he was just black and was in the wrong side of town. >> it does mean everything to the families. >> groveland mayor lux just said he's received threatening and disturbing calls due to the city proclamation but it will not deter him from supporting the exoneration. it will soon be a major motion picture, history being retold and the truth finally coming out. >> looking forward to that. thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are brushing up for tonight's debate. >> it's expected to get heated as clinton tries to fight her way back to the top. political experts say it was supposed to be an easy win for clinton but
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mirroring 2008 when the underdog pulled away. tonight clinton will try to stop the momentum of the sanders campaign following his landslide victor y in the new hampshire prior mary -- in the primary. >> she needs to go on offense. >> tonight's debate airs at 9:00 p.m. on pbs and on you tube. we'll have recaps on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. we want to know will hillary clinton's race against bernie sanders help or hurt her if she wins the nomination? rick foglesong just wrote a blog about that on click on the news tab. republican presidential killing -- candidate donald trump will be in
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free tickets. some plan to find out more but others plan to protest because of controversial comments he's made. in 2014 we showed you the flooding families had to deal with because of drainage problems. now they worry that again. as blaine tolison found out a private company the city hired suggested a $30 million solution. >> $30 million is a big cost for the small city of port control. i was on this street in 2014 and the water was up to my knees. now the city is considering buying homes. >> a flood that damaged more than 60 homes in port orange in september of 2014 but it left its mark. >> right now we feel like we've been sold down the river our down the canal.
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you know -- in one of the many neighborhoods that flooded. he's disappointed they spent $60,000 on experts and now there's little options. >> they did as little as they could. the only change is to change who is in the top. >> the city is not moving forward with any particular plans but bob ford said he's not giving up. >> the council said we're not walking away from this. >> ford said three different engineering firms advised building a berm. it was demanded by some residents after 2014. one option suggested was a $30 million pumping system that the city can't afford. >> when will the city be able to prevent the flood? >> i don't know. what i do know is that it won't be for want of trying. we are going to try a whole series of initiatives. >> another option the city buys homes from residents in the flood zones but mike and his family won't sell.
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anywhere. >> buying hopes could easily be in the millions of dollars for the city of port orange. bob ford told me he hopes to have a better idea of what they plan to move forward with. we have a few more rainy seasons left. reporting in port orange, blaine tolison, channel 9, eyewitness news. we have new helicopter video from the seminole county sheriff's office showing how they took down an alleged drug dealer. deputies tried to pull him over for speeding but he took off. deputies called for their chopper to track him. when he ditched his car the chopper stayed on him as he tried to find a place to hide. deputies arrested him and recovered a gun and some drugs including marijuana and cocaine. for months we've been telling you about a spike in crimes and just yesterday we reported this 74-year-old grandmother was busted as the kingpin of an operation of
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today george come live team coverage explains why a bill that moved forward today won't be much help. >> calling it an all hands on deck moment, new hampshire senator jean shahine addressed the heroin and opiate epidemic facing the country. >> we're losing a person a day in new hampshire from overdoses, three times as many as traffic deaths last year. 47,000 people died from overdoses in this country in 2014. >> her bill goes further than the addiction and recovery act of 2015. >> ohio senator rob portman cowrote that bill and is encouraged by the support. >> provide better treatment and better prevention and education, a longer term recovery, help the law enforcement folks. >> senator shahine put forward emergency legislation to the tune of $600 million to help
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>> in 2009 we provided $2 billion for swine flu and last year $5 billion for the ebola epidemic. this is something we have to do more to address it. >> shahine's bill is getting some support from across the aisle. senator portman agrees it needs more funding. >> we'll continue to work together i hope to make sure that the funding is there. >> the bill now moving on to the senate. george come live come -- george collie, channel 9, eyewitness news. 9 investigates habitat for humanity after homeowners wound up with homes full of problems. >> we promised to have the elements of a home should be. >> what leaders of the non-profit told us about their work. >> new programs bringing together a colony of sex offenders. 9 investigates if a sex offender city could come to central florida.
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we've still following that breaking news in seminole county tonight. here's a look at the back up in the westbound lanes of i-4 near west central parkway. two people were hurt in a crash that had one car over turned just before 5:00. we're monitoring the delays and we'll keep you posted right here. right now there are more than 4,000 sex offenders and predators in central florida and roughly 10% of those have nowhere to go when they're released from prison. >> but as channel 9's anchor jamie holmes found one may have the community. an entire
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offenders who other would wise be homeless. >> nestle in the sugar cain fields. >> i was 29 at the time. she was 15. >> steven fresa is a sex offend offender and lives in a neighborhood made up of at least 100 other sex offenders. he said if not for this community he would be homeless. >> probation said live in your car. i started living in my car sleeping at the mcdonald's, the walgreens. >> when a slot opened up at matthew 25 ministries he came here which was once housing for sugar cane workers. >> it decreases homelessness. >> the pointed a gun
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to have them in one place. >> we don't have to go hunt for them. location. matthew 25 isn't near anyone or anything. could this work in central florida? darren roberts runs host which provides housing for sex offenders getting out of prison in central florida. >> i believe law enforcement would be more proactive to the someone centralized location. >> robert said a central location would work as long as the offenders could find a job to pay rent. >> for those being all together own. >> for many of the guys this is the only option aside from living on the street or in their >> jamie holmes, channel 9, eyewitness news. 5 years ago a centralized sex offender community was pitched in lake county but shot down. there are already several large sex offender clusters in
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officials say a centralized site could have to wave the first few months of rent so people could get a job. the county is considering a hike in school impact fees to pay for new schools between 35 and 77%. builders pay the fees up front but usually pass them along the buyers when they sell the homes. >> we're faced with raw material, price increases and skilled labor shortage. all of those things are driving the kwos cost of the home up. >> they said they need it for school construction. county commissioners will vote on this proposal around may. a quick update on that breaking news in seminole county where there was a crash on i-4. we understand the westbound lanes have now opened up. as you can see in these live pictures traffic is moving in both directions once again. >> that's good news for the folks who want to get home. tom, when i got up this
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think before my hundred and then later it was 70 when i got to work. >> really cold and then you go for a run. it was a nice warm day today. a lot of folks enjoying in nice weather. it was frigid. here's the lows for today. 33 in northern parts of seminole county in sanford. we had 28 in titusville. we talked about this last night, this lower elevation area, drainage flows in because cold air sinks and fits into the river basins. that's why titusville got down ocala. 35 in orlando. our second coolest night of the season. 34 was our coldest. the beautiful view over lake eola right now, 65 and holding. a good looking night tonight. you can uncover all of your plants tonight. we don't have to run the pools or anything like that to avoid a freeze. orlando back into the upper 40s. just a very, very hint of a wind
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much of a breeze. very pleasant mid to upper 40s across the area and temperatures rebounding nicely. 2:00 p.m. tomorrow that will be about average for this time of february. even in brevard county nicely warming up from today's 60. 72 tomorrow at 2:00 and then again at 4:00. orlando. we have a winner. nice day tomorrow. we do have another cold front that's going to be arriving on saturday but the air is so dry right now our satellite showing all the moisture down to the south. next saturday morning as this front rolls in it will not have a lot of moisture. this is future track. 6:00 tomorrow a few clouds. we'll keep it quiet. that cloud bank is moving south early on in the morning on saturday. we will get a gusty wind, not windy but it will feel cooler.
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great events at the polar plunge benefits special olympics. water temperature 60, air temperature 56. by the way, it's going to be chilly. here's your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. 75 tomorrow, a bit cooler on sunday and sunday with a breeze out of the northwest on saturday, out of the east on sunday. our next storm system we'll talk about martha at 6:00 bringing our rain chances back up next week. >> we will see you then. brand new for 6:00, a potential puerto rico drug connection to a shooting free inside an orlando nightclub. >> plus this woman said she's living with shotty construction in a home habitat for humanity built. >> everything is rigged up. this is not a new home . >> new at 6:00, why the charity is now pointing the finger at the homeowner. >> what 9 investigates uncovered about the miscommunication that sent two cops to the wrong house sparking a shoot out. >> get the latest news, weather and traffic delivered to you every morning. download the
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right now a candle light vigil is underway to remember an orange county deputy kill in the line of duty. 2 years ago deputy scott pine was shot to death in an ambush by a wanted man. steve barrett is live at the vigil right now. steve, this memorial comes just one day after the state senate passed a bill to increase the death benefits of first responders killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: and, bob, it is about to start now marking the second anniversary of the death of deputy pine. it's been held at a park that was renamed for the fallen deputy and where there's a memorial plaque in his honor. >> the park was dedicated on the first anniversary of his
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pine was killed while investigating car burglaries. he was ambushed by benjamin holtermann in the subdivision where we are today. he was shot where a stolen handgun before the suspect shot and killed himself. his girlfriend was his accomplice and was sentenced to 15 years. >> the florida legislature voted and passed a new bill that would change the way first responders families are compensated in the event of their death. pines wife, bridget, struggled after he was killed because of the way he set up his retirement funds. the florida house needs to vote but if it passes family members would get 100% of that first responders pay for 25 years. >> reporter: of course we're going to pay close attention in tallahassee as that bill goes through the phases to likely becoming law. this vigil behind me is set to start in just a few minutes. reporting live in orange county, steve barrett,
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the orange county sheriff's office is making a new push this week to get guns off of central florida's streets. deputies willhold a gun buy back event tomorrow. anyone can turn in a gun. no questions asked. they request receive a $50 gift card. it will be at the orange blossom trail development board member from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. a road project near oia that's been on going is finally finished. the central florida expressway authority plans to cut the ribbon on the 417 bogie creek road interchange. drivers have been dealing that construction since february of 2013. it will provide access to and from oia. a deadly shooting inside an orlando nightclub might be tie today a puerto rico drug war. >> how proposed new tax cuts with expected to help thousands of students statewide.
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new at 6:00, we found out this shooting in an orlando nightclub that left two people dead and sent several others to the hospital may be tied to a puerto rico drug war. tonight what we uncovered about one of the victims. >> tonight we know one of the men killed in sunday's shooting at the glitz nightclub in orlando was suspected in more than half a dozen violent crimes in puerto rico. >> yesterday we broke the news that federal drug agents were asked to join in this investigation. kathy belich has been in touch with authorities
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making the news there as well. >> reporter: the newspapers in puerto rico are reporting on the shooting. we have read the online english translation. it's reporting that a funeral service will be held tomorrow for one of the shooting victims and that police will be there. >> this mug shot of 33-year-old jonathan rojas was taken in 2009 in puerto rico over weapons charges. the department of justice there told us today rojas was accused of having a gun without a license and of illegally making and distributing ammo. >> chaos erupted inside and outside the glitz ultra lounge early sunday afro has was gunned down. a puerto rico newspaper reports that rojas was suspected in seven violent crimes in puerto rico but there's no record of charges or convictions there.


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